Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Thoughts and Ageless Beauty

Well, I wanted to write share some thoughts before I left for Denver this afternoon.
So much clearing is taking place and sometimes it feels so uncomfortable just being in my own skin at times. (I wonder if Mother Earth is feeling the same) I know you can relate to this. My mantra has and is releasing the old welcoming the new for I know and believe I am always guided and protected to my highest good. The way showers the light within the soul shinning through the wonders of a new earth.
A piece I wrote from my book "Ageless Beauty" popped into my mind this morning while I was in the shower rejuvenating my body and mind after a 3 mile run on my treadmill. You see I have a belief that we can stay youthful, healthy and young at heart until we choose to leave our bodies. Which is part of the letting go of worn out programs, beliefs and cultural coding that have us buy into this thing called death. As I looked at myself in the mirror I noticed the thinning of my hair I said "it doesn't have to be this way, I choose a different way and affirmed once again releasing the old welcoming the new.

Ageless Beauty

I see the line fading into another
age a simple reminder of an older age.
For now I have changed into yet another
age no longer bound or confined in this
day and age.

I see beyond the pearly gates illuminating
an age of timeless beauty. For what has
decayed is but a thought of a limited me
whom I have chosen to set free into an
ageless, timeless beauty.

Today I experience a life so true that is
filled with blue my home sweet home.
It is you I have found as I moved beyond
the confines of a limited mind into the
spherical time where everything
exists all at the same time
And so it is.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Celebrating You

On this day of celebration and greatness I give thanks for you
Smiles, Peace, Joy and Love

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Fuel Your Fire

Fuel your fire
Engage in the oneness
Live for today
See the possibilities
Dare something worthy by dreaming something extraordinary beyond the beyond
Love in its purest form is the greatest healer of all
Trust and let go

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Transmuting The Old Welcoming The New

With the new energies coming through and our frequency/vibratory rate quickening sometimes it can be very challenging to hold our focus on what we truly wish to create. Today I had many challenging moments as the old was being released coming to the surface to be transmuted, transcended and transformed into the Light. (The Violet Flame) So just right before I was preparing to write the excerpt from my book integrating the shadow floated into my space, hmmmmm how appropiate for this moment.
Something very magical happens when we truly surrender and if that means we say our mantras 100 times a day then so be it keep on keeping on.
The painting is Explosions of Earth

I have traveled side by side with
my shadow for many years
succumbing to its power and will.
Choosing to fully integrate one day
I asked my shadow “what is it you
want from me.” The voice answered
back in such a way I listened.
Do not deny that which you are, do
not run the other way when we are
faced eye to eye. I am you, you
are me. Acknowledge who you are
and out of love a shining star shall
be born.
Do not be afraid any longer for I am
a part of you needing love and
Align in your power and remember
always who you truly are.
A spark of the Divine
So be it so be it

Excerpt from my book "Illumination Divine Inspiration from my heart to your heart" Available on Amazon

Friday, December 19, 2008


This morning while walking up mountains and running to Tina Turner Live at The Amsterdam DVD. The thought once again floated in "What If", something I have been playing for a while now. I unraveled the energy which led me to one of my designs "Wonderland" (Alice in Wonderland) however; it was Lisa in Wonderland with the image filling my space, a matrix of endless possibilities. So I wanted to share this with all of my friends.
What does your Wonderland look like???

I believe in magic
I believe I am supported and loved
in every moment.
I believe in myself.

I believe in the power of the spoken word.
I believe I am a powerful co-creator
of my reality.

I now let go of the outcome with an
attitude of gratitude.
I stand firm in my truth and power and
allow the magic to unfold in all areas
of my life.
So be it so be it
Excerpt from my book "Illumination Divine Inspiration from my heart to your Heart" available on Amazon

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I'm Inspired By You

As I was contemplating what to write today I kept hearing I'm inspired by you
so I am following the energy.
This piece I wrote in May after I attended The Attract Wealth Seminar as I was sitting in the Austin Airport to catch my flight I was guided to take out my journal and the words began to flow. The following day I painted the painting. First time this happened the painting first comes through and then the words. Today I was inspired by so many so it is my intention to inspire you.

I'm Inspired By You

Tender gentle smile
The innocence that shines through your eyes
I'm Inspired By You
The strength and courage in your actions
I'm Inspired By You
The bigness of your heart
Your genuine smile
I'm Inspired By You
The twinkle in your eyes
I'm Inspired By You
The love pouring forth from your heart
I'm Inspired By You
Your kindness and gentle nudge
I'm Inspired By You
I'm Inspired By You for showing me it can be a different way
Thank You

My gift to you is a 4x6 print with words just send an email to Lisa@LisaAnnBonfiglio.com

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Stuck What Exactly Does That Mean

Today while taking a shower I had another profound moment it is a regular occurrence for me something about the water cleansing my aura and rejuevenating my spirit. As I was visualizing the water being the liguid golden light a thought came in. One is never stuck it is just an illusion. If our thoughts create our reality which is fact then we are always moving since are our thoughts are ever changing. I pondered this and it was in that moment of clarity the program the illusion was nipped in the bud. Shifting our perception just by one degree can alter the outcome as we choose to identify and let go of the old which no longer serves us.

So if your are feeling stuck think again and shift and ponder upon this. Check what is masked or hidden, consconsious or unconscious, by journaling. Let it flow and feel it really feel it using your body as a compass. Play with it, make it fun, if it is not fun the ego will show up as a form of resistance with Yada Yada Yada Yada
Make it Fun
Be Happy
You are so worth it

Morning Silence

I love the morning silence
I appreciate the stillness the warm caressing touch upon my soul
In that moment my deep connection communion with Spirit is all that matters
I am grateful as the energy expands to set the focus of the day.
It is love of self
It is love of the great knowingness we all connected as one
It is love of service
It is the genuine giving of seeing the sun rise in another
It is the blending of the physical and nonphysical the mind and heart in union as one
I love the morning silence

Monday, December 15, 2008

Dvine Inspiration-Art-Creativity-Musing


Flow with the energy
Flow like water trickling down a stream
Flow ebb and flow
Just flow and allow the magic to happen
Flow as you get out of your own way
Flow with creation whatever that might look like in the moment
Flow as one into the higher realms dance with the energy bands spiraling in and through all dimensions and beyond
Flow feeling love opening whispers

December 15,2008

So I am still getting into this blogging thing as well as twitter enabled a link back to twitter.

Choosing to create the best of the best
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