Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Thoughts and Ageless Beauty

Well, I wanted to write share some thoughts before I left for Denver this afternoon.
So much clearing is taking place and sometimes it feels so uncomfortable just being in my own skin at times. (I wonder if Mother Earth is feeling the same) I know you can relate to this. My mantra has and is releasing the old welcoming the new for I know and believe I am always guided and protected to my highest good. The way showers the light within the soul shinning through the wonders of a new earth.
A piece I wrote from my book "Ageless Beauty" popped into my mind this morning while I was in the shower rejuvenating my body and mind after a 3 mile run on my treadmill. You see I have a belief that we can stay youthful, healthy and young at heart until we choose to leave our bodies. Which is part of the letting go of worn out programs, beliefs and cultural coding that have us buy into this thing called death. As I looked at myself in the mirror I noticed the thinning of my hair I said "it doesn't have to be this way, I choose a different way and affirmed once again releasing the old welcoming the new.

Ageless Beauty

I see the line fading into another
age a simple reminder of an older age.
For now I have changed into yet another
age no longer bound or confined in this
day and age.

I see beyond the pearly gates illuminating
an age of timeless beauty. For what has
decayed is but a thought of a limited me
whom I have chosen to set free into an
ageless, timeless beauty.

Today I experience a life so true that is
filled with blue my home sweet home.
It is you I have found as I moved beyond
the confines of a limited mind into the
spherical time where everything
exists all at the same time
And so it is.

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  1. Lisa;
    You are such an inspiration. Good luck in Denver and Happy New Year!
    Much Love and Smiles,


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