Saturday, December 20, 2008

Transmuting The Old Welcoming The New

With the new energies coming through and our frequency/vibratory rate quickening sometimes it can be very challenging to hold our focus on what we truly wish to create. Today I had many challenging moments as the old was being released coming to the surface to be transmuted, transcended and transformed into the Light. (The Violet Flame) So just right before I was preparing to write the excerpt from my book integrating the shadow floated into my space, hmmmmm how appropiate for this moment.
Something very magical happens when we truly surrender and if that means we say our mantras 100 times a day then so be it keep on keeping on.
The painting is Explosions of Earth

I have traveled side by side with
my shadow for many years
succumbing to its power and will.
Choosing to fully integrate one day
I asked my shadow “what is it you
want from me.” The voice answered
back in such a way I listened.
Do not deny that which you are, do
not run the other way when we are
faced eye to eye. I am you, you
are me. Acknowledge who you are
and out of love a shining star shall
be born.
Do not be afraid any longer for I am
a part of you needing love and
Align in your power and remember
always who you truly are.
A spark of the Divine
So be it so be it

Excerpt from my book "Illumination Divine Inspiration from my heart to your heart" Available on Amazon

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