Sunday, January 11, 2009

Challenges Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel

Happy Sunday,
Indeed it is!
Yesterday I began working on website for my ebook I was excited and so ready to dive right in to the creative flow. My prelaunch page was very easy and so I set the intention of website being the same. Well, I got stumped and didn't know why it wasn't working I was doing everything right I thought and indeed I was. I opened 2 other browser and still seeing the same result. Yikes Angels what is going on as I sat in front of my computer screen in sheer frustration with tears rolling down my cheeks. I kept hearing relax Lisa call for help OK let me try this one more time hmmm does that sound familiar doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Right in front of me I knew was the solution I just couldn't see it, I needed to shift and let go.

I surrendered and did call the support team it was something to do with my cookies that was not enabling the full page to display. I updated my flash cleaned out my Internet explorer settings and Whoa! everything clicked.
Determination, perseverance and the keep on keeping on attitude along with my inner wisdom allowed me to forge through into greener pastures.

You see I have a dream and that is to inspire millions through my art and Divine Inspirational creations and sometimes challenges show up for us to see the bigger picture.

Never ever give up on your dreams, hold steadfast with a clear mental image and you will be shown another way for there is no one quite like you with gifts and talents the world is waiting to see. I believe we all messengers of the Divine creating Heaven here on Earth.


  1. Lisa;
    As I sit and read this, I can not help but feel your frustration and relief.
    Your words say it all. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. It so great to you see pop up on my blog.
    I really appreciate you!

  3. I am intrigued by the angels Lisa.

    A friend of mine paints the most beautiful angel inspired soul art. If you are on facebook, I must introduce you to her as you have much in common.

    She tells me that the angels are always there but I must say, I don't hear them :-(

  4. Hi Reeta,
    Thanks for stopping by.. Yes, I am on facebook dynamicarthouse is my ID
    When we quiet our mind and let go it is much easier to hear and feel. I have a feeling you have heard and felt them before.


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