Thursday, January 15, 2009

Completion of ebook project

I am happy to report my ebook and website went live Tuesday morning. The comments have been wonderful and deeply appreciated for my gifts were given to share and inspire others to manifest the beauty that lies within each of us.

I attended a CEO Space Networking meeting last Thursday in Denver and part of the meeting was on creating a 30 second snap. You know your 30 second elevator introduction well, it kept changing over time/years. I was not able to get clear enough at the meeting to allow the flow I was trying too hard and it just wasn't happening. Well, yesteday was the day I was going to work on it since my project was completed and I had more room to receive was my comment I made to Sian Lindemann(who is a member of CE0 Space)during our converastion in the morning.

Well, on my way to Walgreens in the afternoon I had a really cool experience and this is how it evolved. I heard this very soft powerful voice saying as I parked my car in the Walgreens parking lot. The Muse the I that is I AM
"I am a visionary artist,intuitive and writer who bridges the gap between Heaven
and Earth through my Divine Inspirational Creations and Paintings."
I wrote it down before going into to Walgreens. Aha this is it my snap. The feeling inside was peaceful loving and so powerful wow I love this.

So here is another example when we/I let go and allow the magic to unfold
Would love hear your experiences of when you let go and allow the magic to unfold.
You can listen to an excerp of my ebook illumination Divine Inspiration from my heart to your heart at

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