Thursday, February 26, 2009

Once Upon a Time

Once upon time there was a little girl with big brown eyes her name was Lisa Ann she loved her family dearly even though she knew she was from a different space and time. Her interactions with her siblings were gently guided by her star family and even though she felt so different Lisa Ann's smile created a space of a beautiful golden rainbow that glowed in here siblings heart. Lisa was content with all the differences for it gave her an opportunity to adopt and become a delightful chameleon feeling deep compassion and love for her entire family. Knowing her purpose and mission was to inspire millions (later on in life) with her gifts she came to share with the world; she flowed with the everyday scenes and has created a colorful tapestry she has called life on planet earth. Ah the sparkling energies of liquid light filling the canvas in each of her paintings and even though she did not have full conscious memory, what she felt in her heart was as true as blue her home sweet home.

Thanks to my dear friend Giovani at PI he invited me to share once upon a time.
Since I have not wrote anything since Valentines Day I got a hit to share this and invite you to expand upon your very own once a upon a time. It is such a magical process shifting you as the words create a beautiful tapestry. I allowed myself the freedom to feel once upon a time in this moment and space it is anchored it is done

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