Friday, March 27, 2009


"Columns of the Sea"

When obstacles arrive in your life, greet them as an opportunity to grow and move beyond into the clear waters. Do not be afraid to ask for help along the way. We are always assisted even when the presence is not felt. Breathe into the obstacle and visualize the clear waters that lie beyond the present moment.

Take time out for you, unplug from what no longer serves your highest good and remember all you are seeking lies within. I have learned along the way that sometimes
obstacles show up in our lives to remind us of our greatness it's a matter of shifting our perception into Yes I Can fulfill my dreams.

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Power of The Spoken Word

The Power of the Spoken word

The power of the spoken word fluent as it is carries many vibrations and tones and is most effective when it is aligned in one’s center the power house of storage. When emotions are cleared, speak with confidence and precision letting go of the outcome, stand firm in your power with a deep knowingness and command it forward into the physical. The word is actually the signature of ones vibrations set out into the universe picked up like radio waves, if it is not clear static is only heard and fulfillment is not attained meaning manifestation.

Beliefs need to be examined old programs discarded in order to speak from your authentic God self. This is why it is so important for one to be clear and aligned with all your bodies of energy connecting mind and heart spoken with authority commanding it to be. Leaving doubt, confusion and control out of the equation. You can not have 2+3=4 nor can it be forced by self will or manipulation allow the Divine flow like the ripples a wave forms perfect in its process.
The Power of Knowing
The Power of Being
The Power of Now
To decree I AM that I AM without emotion, knowingness, is meaningless.
It is often said faith without knowledge is powerless.
Confront your fears with a deep conviction
Be willing to speak into the darkness commanding it forward into the light knowing you are far greater than your fears and/or darkness. Be a lantern of pure God Light turn up the flame and all darkness will be consumed back into perfection.


Monday, March 16, 2009

Spirit Art Paintings

I wanted to share the process of how a Spirit Art Painting is created.
Jean'ne is my most recent spirit art as always I feel so honored to be of service in such a way. So what is a spirit art all about....

Spirit art paintings are original paintings of individuals where I am the vehicle of what needs to come through in each painting. You could view it as a reading with a visual aide. I paint with my fingers as I feel the energy flow through me, I do not choose the colors or what is being painted. I am the messenger. As I paint I receive messages and so I am able to combine a reading with each painting, what I receive I write down with out editing the information.

The benefits of having a spirit art portrait

1. Your very own personal Heaven and Earth bridge for yourself
2. A different perspective on the non physical personalizing it to fit you since it is all about you and your relationship to Spirit.
3. Something of value to hang in your bedroom, living room, or meditation room to remind you of your essence.
4. A tool for you to use to tap into the higher frequencies and energies of the Higher Realms.

I begin each painting by going into meditation, calling forth your higher self, teachers and guides along with my higher self, angels and guides. Intuitively I begin painting with my fingers and when I am done I hear "we are done." The majority of the spirit art paintings I have done for people they have not been present it is not necessary. What is needed is your birthday, time of birth and place of birth and a short conversation so I can tap into your energy field. I am truly grateful to have such a gift to be of service in this way and the wonderful individuals I meet a long the way and yes that includes the physical and non-physical beings. Thank You

You can view spirit art portraits by clicking on the link below

Friday, March 6, 2009


Live your life one step at a time
Balance is the key to any new found success
Trust in yourself as you plant the seeds for another day of true success
Cultivate the seeds until a beautiful garden arises from within
Each day a new beginning as you now have the keys and see/feel all that
you decree to be free as you begin to trust in yourself
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