Wednesday, April 15, 2009

10 Simple Tips for Living An Inspired Life

Ease and Grace

1. Live from a place of Gratitude= Greatness realized awakened the inspiration to unify dedication everywhere, I personalized for you. I realized the greatness within and awakened the inspiration to unify dedication on all levels within me to be my best in all I do. Keep a daily gratitude journal you will be surprised how this daily action can truly change your life.

2. Read inspirational books with famous quotes in it that you can pick up at time. Here are a few “Everyday Wisdom” by Dr. Wayne Dyer; Emerson, Catherine Ponder, Rumi are wonderful and very uplifting.

3. Smile more often even when you don’t feel like it, your energy actually shifts every time you smile and you vibrate at a higher frequency. How cool is that to happen when you smile and it feels really good.

4. Stand in front of your mirror and say out loud I deeply and completely love and accept my self follow it with a hug. Go ahead just do it even if you think it’s silly.

5. Stop watching the news for one week and notice how different you feel on the 7th day you might even want to begin this practice of less news. Choose another way to begin and complete your day perhaps an inspirational book, write in your gratitude journal or fall asleep listening to a visualization meditation.

6. Find out what sparks you; you know that feeling when you get the chills filled with excitement and then go do it. If you are not clear about what sparks you take out your journal and just begin writing really ask yourself and be open to receive a message how ever it may show up. This is your inspiration calling you.

7. Go to an exhibit in your local area see, check out the “what’s happening section in your newspaper. Could be an event is coming up that you have been wanting to see. Check out spiritual cinema for great inspirational movies. There is a link to this website on my links page.

8. Write yourself a love letter and spritz it with your very scent/essence and carry it around with you a wonderful reminder of how special you are.

9. Try something new each week or if time permit something new each day it could be as simple as reading a new inspirational quote. Take a different route to work or when you have errands

10. Spend time in nature and really experience the beauty of Mother Earth. She is a great teacher on allowing and being nothing is forced in nature everything flows in Divine order the ebb and flow the cycles. For every season there is a new birth of creation.

I leave you with a question. What is inspirational birthing inside of you?
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