Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bridging The Gaps With Color and Words

As I was contemplating as to what to write today the description of my book came into mind. Its so cool when I just allow get out of the way instead forcing something to happen. Ah the Art of Allowing, being in the flow moving beyond linear time where everything is blended into the oneness of all that is.

Step inside a world of inspirational writings, paintings, love and healing. It's a journey into the heart of love and Divine Wisdom we human beings all share with one another. An opportunity to explore the many aspects of ourselves we may have forgotten or have chosen to ignore up until now. It is about relationships more importantly the one we have with ourselves. The art of forgiveness and letting go, moving forward no matter what, because we all have a great purpose to fulfill in this lifetime. The paintings come alive and speak directly to your soul as the colors caress each emotion in that moment for you to embrace. Love who you are, know you make a difference and remember you are never alone on this journey of life.

Illumintaion Divine Inspiration from my heart to your heart

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