Monday, April 27, 2009

Mandala Energy

Look upon the center let all your troubles dissolve. Allow your eyes to become one with the center and expand out as if you are touching all the atoms in the universe. Everything is connected in this moment and continues to expand from the center in through and all around you. From your center you are connected with all life and consciousness. Focus if but for a moment and experience yourself as a limitless being connecting with every atom in the universe. You have power igniting within, what you choose to do with it is up to you. Choose big; choose what is right for you in this moment. Focus, be still and know you have the power to change or create anything in this moment.

More Mandalas can be viewed at my website in the Mandala Gallery



  1. Being at the center of the Mandala is like being at the center of the Universe - very empowering! Colors and energies swirl around. We draw in what is useful and repel what isn't. No need to chase stuff. Just stay at the center and everything comes to us - starting with peace.

    Thanks for the post and the Mandala!


  2. Hunt thanks so much for stopping by
    Great comment
    I appreciate you


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