Wednesday, April 1, 2009


In The Garden

An inner garden that is safe and loving, where you can be yourself without the judgments, the toxins, and the negativity which seems to be running rapid these days in the media. You can choose something better NOW it is your "Safe Inner Garden" where you will find unconditional love, acceptance and true understanding as you begin to nurture yourself and experience all that is desiring to bloom just for you. Yes, your hopes, desires, dreams all begin from within. Perhaps just by sitting still and viewing the painting it will ignite the light within. See if you can find the child in the painting it is there which I did not notice until the painting was completed.

It very interesting I am finding many of my earlier paintings want to come out and play and so I began last week intuitively choosing well actually they chose its all the same isn't it. I love the innocence in this painting it reminds of a book my Mom gave to my brother (David) and I when we were 5 and 4. A big picture book of the plant kingdom and the front cover was a little girl and boy which I always felt was David and me.

The security of your home you create in the outer is a direct reflection of the safety and peace that you find and experience in your inner garden.
I AM That I AM



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