Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Warrior Energy

Deep Sea

The vastness of the strength and power of the warrior that lives within each human being is portrayed in this painting.
The blue represents the warrior energy and its protection when we tap into the strength.
The green represents the power of healing and how we are transformed in the process.
When strength and power are blended in to one balance is achieved with the gentle touch of love.
Get in touch with your warrior energy and feel yourself empowered!

Have there been moments in your life when the warrior energy the masculine was out of balance, I will raise both my hands to that one. Meaning the doer in us is always doing and doing more, this creates imbalance. It is not until we recognize become aware of our stuff, we continue to spin our wheels like the hamster that spins and goes no where just recycling the same old stuff.

The positive aspect of the warrior (how I see it) is when the male and female energies within are balanced and operate in harmony. The give and take a time to be, a time to do, a time give and a time to replenish.
Ponder this for a day or maybe even two. Flow into the Deep Sea and feel the positive energy of your inner warrior.
Smiles and Sunshine

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