Sunday, May 24, 2009

Houston We Have A Small Issue

Well, here I am one week later with a more insights, magical moments and yes a burst in my bubble and its all good. Last Monday I met with my Oncologist Dr. D. that's when my bubble bursted regarding my 5 week plan (the one I came up with) quickly dissolved as the one year plan was presented to me. Lesson here is to honor each step of the process and yes I am learning patience. Again more information for me to digest on the entire process which including another set of steps even before my first chemo treatments. Lesson here honor each step of the process and yes I am learning patience. Dr. D. is one the best in his field which was quite evident as the conversation unfolded. At one point in the conversation he said Lisa have you seen the movie "What The Bleep" yes I have and it was/is a great movie. We discussed the cells and I said each one of our 10 billion cells holds Divine Intelligence he looked at me and said that is an interesting way to put it. Again with the steps in front of me I said OK lets focus and I set my intentions. This is where the magic continues all of my intentions I set for scans, chemo teaching, surgery for another biopsy fusion of Port and follow up appointments have manifested. I will be in chemo therapy for 6 months beginning the June 1st,2009. I have opted to participate in a clinical study why you might ask for the simple reason of if I can assist in bringing more light to the surface than so be it. The clinical study uses a more aggressive approach than in normal chemo treatment. One of the stipulation was my Her2needed to be negative and I was told by Spirit as walked into my house on Monday it was and then received confirmation from the Dr's. office on Friday I was negative hmmmm is there a bigger plan yes. So now that we have the linguistics out of the way I want to share more magic. Dr D. You Rock!

May 19th Tuesday as I was jamming to Tina Turner Live at The Amsterdam on my treadmill I received the rest of my painting which I had intended to sell at my next show in June. There before me was this beautiful template for healing, pink with rhodochrosite crushed into the painting and a silver spiral in the center.
This painting is only the beginning of the Journey into Wellness Foundation, which resonates at a higher vibration than cancer research study. All proceeds will go into funding alternative therapies as well as research and assistance. I was blown away as what I was being shown. Do I know all the steps no and that's OK I continue to be open.Products will be T-shirts, limited editions, greeting cards, magnets, tote bags and so much more.
Tina Turner is such an inspiration she truly rocks
Rhodochrosite healing properties balancing the lower chakras with the upper chakras expanding and uniting into the heart. When I was studying the electronic bodies I learned silver carries a very high frequency uniting white and black male and female yin and yang.

I also downloaded a highly energized healing bracelet for myself as well as for others who are on their own journey into wellness. You see how I am so supported in this process I feel so blessed and loved by all the support I have received and continue to receive in both worlds as I continue to bridge the gaps between Heaven and Earth. I choose to show up no matter how I am feeling and acknowledge myself as the Shining Star.


May 22nd Friday the RN at Memorial who is in charge of the complimentary healing therapies greeted me I felt something so familiar about her. As I sat down she pulled from her pocket a gold bag the ones I sell with my prayer meditation beads. OMG there in front on me was strength tears welled up and she said do you remember me. Now I do. We had met last year at the Woodland Park Holistic Fair I had a booth and she had brought my book as well the prayer beads which she carries with her everyday. How cool is this very cool and so magical. So after my composing myself I said can I get woo woo with you and she said please do. I shared with her my painting and vision I had as well as showing her my healing bracelet which by way has not left my wrist. Wow Lisa this is fantastic you are such an Angel.

I also had a moment a clarity about having the willingnes to begin this blog, and that was I do not have to continue to tell this story how cool is that. When people ask I now can say read my blog I choose to focus on shining my light, being with my friends and family and sharing all the really cool creations I'm bringing forth.

The metaphysical group I am involved with here in COS has been so very supportive thanks so much for all your love, light and healing I appreciate each and every one of you.

My sister Susan continues to be my confident in the medical world with her knowledge and her willingness I love you Susan. Yes, I did have a melt on the phone with her yesterday as we were discussing all these drugs and side effects. It is my intention with my vision that there will come a day when these drugs will be known only as how it use to be, and with the advanced technologies as well as the blending of eastern and western medicines no longer will it be appropriate for such drugs to be used. Call me naive yet there is this bigger picture I have seen and its really really cool.

So continue to see me as a Radiant Goddess
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Smiles and Sunshine
P.S. My friend Marilyn who I have never met phyically yet we have shared so much with each other since 1999 has called me every day and her first words are Hi Lisa and her last words are I love you I'm sending you rainbows of Light and Love. Thanks Mariyln You Rock
Your Primal Nature CD by Caroline Myss
Rituals of Healing (using imagery for health and wellnes) by Jeanne Achterberg Ph.D Barbara Dossey, RN,MS,FAAN, Leslie Kolkmeir RN MEd
The Journey by Brandon Bays
Breast Cancer Specialists at Memorial Hospital

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