Friday, June 19, 2009

Feeling Great

I have been surprised, in awe, thrilled, excited, joyful, saddened and knock to my knees in phrase two while showing up and embracing the now moment.
Last Friday I began my first chemo treatment my sister Paula supported me with her laughter and big heart. I decided to have my pictures taken beginning with the first treatment and will continue until my last treatment which will be November 6th, 2009.

The day before the day of and the day after chemo infusion treatments I take Steroids (Staroids) for the sole purpose of inflammation and the intensity of the chemo drugs. Steroids are given to people with severe cases of rheumatoid Arthritis for inflammation which I did not know until my sister Susan explained all of this to me, yes it is pay off. Well, in my case Saturday morning I woke up feeling like myself which has been close to 2 months wow I was rocking and ready to jam to Tina Turner, mow my lawn and even go out dancing in the evening and then I remembered what the nurse told me in chemo teaching. Lisa do not over it because this is the result of being on steroids for 3 days. So needless to say I was a model patient hmmmm. I take oral chemo drugs the day of the infusion for 14 days and then will be off of all chemo drugs for 7 days and begin the whole process over again.

Sunday I had to put down my kitty Missy which was more difficult than I had realized. She began leaving me presents and no matter what I did from Reiki to EFT for animals it didn't work. Sambo was distraught as well, KiKi on the hand was rather thrilled to now be the only female in the house I guess I don't count.Today Sambo is back to his normal little man ways he's the King.

Monday I was knocked to my knees what I had in mind for the day truly flew by me in a New York minute. It was a good day to pull the covers over my head which I did on and off. Did experience feel good moments in that 24hr period yes I did and it was way cool.

Tuesday I had my post opt surgery appointment all is well with my Port. Experimenting different sleeping since I love my sleep. I also got fitted for my hair Tuesday afternoon and even though my body was still experiencing some effects it was so much fun. Jennifer at Strands here in Colorado Springs I highly recommend even if you just want to try a new look. Once I was fitted for my hair we play with different style dews just for fun. OMG it was like I was able to put a face to some of my aspects we rocked perhaps I will post those at a later date.

Wednesday I got up ready for the day with the intention of working in my office,
making phone calls, perhaps even working out. Well once again it was all about surrendering and just showing up. My internal pipes decided to take the day off how rude, well to make a long story short I now have such a deep compassion for people who experience this as well. If you have ever given birth than you know how intense a contraction can feel my body had a few that evening before I felt the stillness.
While sitting out in my backyard before the contractions began I had the most incredible experience. I looked up in the sky and there floating sporadically several
brilliant pink orbs glistening my heart opened and expanded in such a big words only seem to diminish the experience, this lasted a little over 60 seconds. It was the Light Beings, my Star Family and of course the Angels making they presence known to me. I don't think I could have asked for anything better than that about how much I am supported and loved.

Thursday I rocked I was able to write my story for the day and everything I experienced was just how I wrote out in the morning. I did my sit ups yoga stretches and even lifted some weights. Worked in my office for awhile and was able to get alot accomplished in a short period of time. I took myself out to lunch at Smiley a restaurant in downtown Colorado Springs they have such delicious food. I sat outside and enjoyed the sunshine and blue skies it was beautiful. After lunch I had fun purchasing art supplies and canvases from there I dropped off Egyptian Cream at my Mom's. I spent an hour in Safeway a little off and that's OK I got job done. The bonus I cooked dinner for myself grilled red bird chicken it was delicious.

This morning I jammed to Tina Turner it felt so good. 30 minutes of speed walking climbing up mountains held off on the running though you know I didn't want to over due it.

My evenings with Marilyn continue, and last night a baby Hawk showed up in my backyard while we were on the phone another sign how cool is that.

I have incorporated ary-on in my daily regime for my nose as of yesterday, its all good. This is truly an education in itself and I continue to learn and discover so much. I now have a point of reference for my future treatments as far as preparation is concerned how cool is that.

I want to share the Egyptian Magic with you it is a multipurpose Skin and Hair Cream which I have found quite beneficial for my lips, face, hands and feet. All natural ingredients. Olive oil, bees wax, honey, bee pollen, royal jelly and bee propolis. My friends Daniel and Cindy Nichols sell this magical product. For more information visit their website

The Radiant Healing Template has been so powerful for me and Saturday morning I got the hit to offer it to all of you on your healing journey as my gift to you. I have created a pdf. file which you can download and print out. It is highly charged and energized and will continue to be for you on your journey. Send me an email subject healing

Hopefully you did not fall a sleep during the read
I appreciate everyone one of you
Smiles and Sunshine
Your Primal Nature CD by Caroline Myss
Rituals of Healing (using imagery for health and wellnes) by Jeanne Achterberg Ph.D Barbara Dossey, RN,MS,FAAN, Leslie Kolkmeir RN MEd
The Journey by Brandon Bays
Breast Cancer Specialists at Memorial Hospital


  1. Standing with you, Lisa. It is SO bright on the other side, don't forget to pack your shades!


  2. Love It
    Smiles and Sunshine


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