Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Cycle 2 in Phrase 2 Still Shinning with My New Dew


Humor is a must with my journey so I decided to insert this video just for kicks from my chemo infusion last Friday. Enjoy and laugh

OK so my journey continues with many things behind me.
11 days into chemo my hair felt it was no longer fit to be a part of me, do you believe that. It happened very quickly and within two days I looked pretty much like the character from Lord of The Rings. It was devastating Thank God that was just a one time deal and happened very quickly, within 3 days I was bald and received a new dew that looks like my real hair. I even gave my new dew a name Isabella well, actually she named herself and I accepted. It took me 4 days to process and not to cry wondering who this person was as I looked in the mirror. Affirming I am not my hair yeah right give me break well, in a short period of time I was able to get it, really feel it, believe it and understand I am so much more than my hair body etc. I am finding for me that processing on all levels at lightening speed really makes a difference as well as my connection to Spirit and oh yes a sense of humor in all things big and small. By the way I am told I have a really cool head hmmmm my multi dimensional self is really shining and I'm feeeelin it. My sister Susan sent me beautiful silk scarves on the days I don't feel like waying my new dew. I have worn 2so far and getting the hang of how to wrap them hmmmm the newness continues.

I gave my port a new name "my magic box" how cool is that. As I was about to receive my infusion I said to the Nurse I am so ready for my Jack Daniels now hmmmm thinking feeling let me upgrade to something better and as I said that liquid Light was singing in my mind. Wow I felt and resonated with all of it especially having a magic box fully activated inside my body. Always turning it into something good seeing the bigger picture even though I may not have 100% clarity which is probably a good thing for me as my guidance team knows that all too well I would never want to stay in body.

OK Here I Go

Happy Feet and Hands

My Mom who turned 82 on July 8th,2009

I had a great weekend even though I was exhausted from chemo on Friday for the most part it didn't seem to stop me on Saturday and Sunday. I rented 2 movies after my infusion "Atonement" and "Ink Heart" I highly recommend both if you have not seen these. "Atonement" was the my choice for Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday I watched "Ink Heart" while on my treadmill. I did 6.5 miles with out missing a beat I know my meditations and invocations I recited as well as the magic of Ink Heart while on my treadmill were the key elements.

Theo's Spirit Art Portrait

I continue to be inspired to paint with my connection expanding on my levels.
I completed another Spirit Art Portrait as well as 3 new painting for Phrase 2.

Nature Spirits

Trees on The Aqua Plane

I signed my first Art Licensing contract 2 weeks ago with Satiama a dream come true since my fist showing in 1990 at the Science of Mind Church in Huntington Beach CA.
I now have close to 12,000 followers on Twitter, gee I must doing something right or is it just being in the flow and letting go of stuff that is just a bunch of stuff that only gets in the way.
My twitter ID is dynamicarthouse and I update weekly sometimes more if you want to check it out.
Well, until next time I hope you enjoyed the view of my new paintings
which will be available as Giclee's at Satiama in the very near future.
Smiles and Sunshine
Visit for more inspiration
Send me an email I will send you a download print of Radiant Healing Template
It will also be available soon at as my gift to you with your journey into wellness

Your Primal Nature CD by Caroline Myss
Rituals of Healing (using imagery for health and wellnes) by Jeanne Achterberg Ph.D Barbara Dossey, RN,MS,FAAN, Leslie Kolkmeir RN MEd
The Journey by Brandon Bays
Breast Cancer Specialists at Memorial Hospital

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