Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Physician Heal Thy Self

Where shall I begin. When I opted in to be part of a clinical study I did the research on the drugs and their side effects. Little did I know that I would be hit so hard with so many side effects all at once. Well, its all or nothing with me why would this be any different. It is my hope and desire that the research being done in this study will truly benefit and be a win win situation for all future breast cancer patients

The day after my 2nd infusion while on my treadmill my big toes began to hurt I thought it is my tennis shoes, it progressed into what is called HFS. I began with the ice packs, mineral salt soaks double dosing on the tree oil. It seemed to help and I was thrilled. After feeling on top of the world on my Mom's birthday the follow day I began to spiral I thought OK time out I will bounce right back well that wasn't the case. I had plans to go to the Botanic Gardens in Denver on Saturday with friends even though my feet and hands were hurting I said yes I can do this which probably was not one of the wisest choices I have made. Do I regret it no, the gardens are beautiful and the tropical rain forest is spectacular thoroughly every moment with my friends Valerie and Rachel.
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