Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Approaching Phrase 3

Well where do I begin how about right here feels pretty good to me.
Another chemo Light Infusion last Friday two more to go. I was anticipating to have more energy with the steroids based on past experience boy was I wrong. What came into my awareness was the past has nothing to do with the now and why would this be any different. My body is not in the same shape as it was when I first began my treatments back in June, needless to say my trip to Memorial Spa in the month of August did not help matters. (Thank god that is all behind me) Turning it into something good I am bigger than cancer.

OK Lisa one for the team there is a Light at the end of the tunnel. You betcha Mom

Great friends, It's All Good!

Yesterday I had a consultation with the reconstruction surgeon to discuss my options. This Doc was from my list when I first got diagnosed intuitively I knew he was the one so I made no back up plans. The consultation was successful, overwhelming and information overload. I walked out of the Dr's. office feeling like I did when I was first diagnosed with breast cancer back in May. I sat in my car somewhat numb I wanted something else to occupy my mind, so I decided to help my friend Tom with some more packing in his moving adventure. It worked for the time being and I was able to help a friend.

The creativity continues to flow and I feel so very blessed my second shade was completed last week. I love it as I lay in bed and am so reminded of all the support and love I have in life. The painting has many stories as well as many faces of my guides, Angels and Light being. I move right into another dimension as I sit or lay in bed looking at this creation. Black Onyx, Labradorite, Lapis and Amethyst are the beads chosen for the bracket.

I completed another Spirit Art Painting for a women in New York wow a burst of energy in this one. You see in the midst of this chaos there is Divine Order and I am so grateful for my connection to Spirit. When it is time to paint no matter what I paint and move beyond the confines of my mind and physical being. This one I painted upside down however; with these type of paintings it does not surprise as each direction reveals a story for the client. 10-13-09

Right after I painted Jill's painting another one wanted to come through. I showed my Mom the painting after my chemo infusion. She asked what do call this one. I replied and said I have not received the name yet. Sometimes the title pops right in, with this time for integration was needed. So later on in the afternoon while sitting in my backyard with journal in hand I asked for the words and name.

This is what came through.
Climbing the ladder within the waterfall the ladders representing emotions stepping stones along the way for integration feeling the presence of my people (non physical). Becoming one with the expressions that are painted on the surface. Take time for the stepping stones along the way, they are ther for a reason. Slow down spend more time with self in silence, yes this is a platform form for integration honoring the process, feeling it through to completion. Forward and Upgrade into the expanded you commend yourself , honor and be feel the freedom of what once held you bondage it is now transmuted. A season has ended anew one beginning as you now have fresh perspective of your life's journey. Be still and know that I AM God. You are the creator of realities. What are you choosing today? Soon after this I received the name Harmony and Balance.

Today as I walked into my workout room ready to jam to Tina Turner on my treadmill my new prickly needle side effect presented itself. I turned threw my head up laughed and said out loud I am bigger than cancer and proceeded to have a great workout. I pushed myself and it felt really good it was a win win situation.

I will be the featured Artist in November at Penrose's Main Public Library downtown on Cascade in Colo Springs. 15 paintings on display and yes, there are available for purchase.

Well, it is time for me to relax
Thanks so much for all your support and prayers
Smiles and Sunshine
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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Today is a Blessing

This morning feeling a bit out of quilter perhaps I needed to stay in bed a little longer. My journaling this morning was all over the board which really isn’t a bad thing, de-clutter the mind to receive clarity. My journey meditation that proceeded was on direction even though it was challenging to keep present I did receive direction for the day. I thought I would be working out by now instead here I am blogging and that’s OK.

You can see I'm all set up for the Liquid Light Transfusion
My 5th chemo treatment was a success no major set backs just moving at a slower pace. My girlfriend Valerie was a big support during my treatment laughter was the theme we had so fun. Yes, we were the poster children for Chemotherapy.

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