Friday, November 6, 2009

Feeling Good after Chemo Seven

Well, I am doing something different and that is blogging on the same day of my liquid Light infusion how cool is that. Life is Good! Isabella (my dew) stayed at home today which is also different this time.

My chemo buddy today was my girlfriend sister Juliann we had so much fun laughter was the prominent energy and my Mom showed up for support. The nurses as usual were incredible they are truly there for each patient. When the nurse asked my name you know that confirmation stuff I said Deva we all laughed, Juliann's comment was oh girlfriend you are too much (Perhaps)

Time passed by quickly today the infusion was completed in 2.5 hours, Juliann thanks so much for all the laughs.

Feelin all the good stuff today much better than my previous treatment, hmmmm maybe its all about my morning meditation yes I'm feelin that one.

My original art paintings are is now on display at Penrose Public Library downtown on Cascade in Colo Spring so come on down during the month of November and feel the energy of each painting in person they are all available for purchase.

You may or may not be wondering why I have changed back to this blog well, there are still issues with my word press blog and it just hasn't been on my priority list.

As of yesterday I am in the process of beginning another greeting card line my samples will be ready on Monday. It feels really good yet a bit scary at the same time do I buy into fear that I feel or move beyond it and trust all is well. By taking the action I chose the higher road and it feels really really good. I chose 5 images for samples only 5 images for the first run. These will be blank greeting cards 1/2 page on high quality glossy paper with title and important information on the back side. With size you can actually frame the cards and give away as gifts or keep for yourself how cool is that. Below are the images I chosen would love to get your feedback.

Light within The Soul portrait style for image

portrait style for image

Jungle landscape style for image

Copper Tress landscape style for image

Dolphins Orbiting landscape style for image

Majestic Garden landscape style for image

Tomorrow I will be attending Sense of Security Annual Gala Fundraiser in Denver with my friend Tom. This was the first organization I reached for help after my diagnosis. I believe in paying it forward so I got the hit to donate one of my original paintings with all proceeds going back into the foundation. I will also be giving a short speech about my journey into wellness and the impact Sense of Security has had in my life a true blessing all divinely guided by Spirit.

Well, my meds are ready to be picked up so I guess this is it for now. I'm lovin my energy level I have.
Rock On
Smiles and Sunshine
Check out my websites my inspirational ebook with a free print of "Majestic Garden"
Your Primal Nature CD by Caroline Myss
Rituals of Healing (using imagery for health and wellness) by Jeanne Achterberg Ph.D Barbara Dossey, RN,MS,FAAN, Leslie Kolkmeir RN MEd
The Journey by Brandon Bays
Breast Cancer Specialists at Memorial Hospital

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