Sunday, November 15, 2009

Moving Through The Stuff

Here it is already Sunday and I am still in my pajamas I guess it was a pajama weekend and I'm really feelin it. After major shifts and changes this past week it feels so calm today. I even jammed to Tina Turner on my treadmill and lifted some weights how cool is that.

Friday was major shifting not really feeling good emotionally or physically, so I decided to spend sometime in bed. I thought I was going to drift into dream land hmmmm that was not the case. I was prompted to sit up a bit and just gaze in my creative art shade ready for anything at this point. I began a conversation with my guides and found myself walking along the beach engaging in conversation. We were both wearing blue jeans feeling the waves brush up against our feet, smelling the ocean, and listening. So much unconditional love was present I won't go into details it was rather personal. This particular guide is one of my mentors and bud, his name is Jesus. After this an idea popped into my head a candle light dinner for myself how cool is that. Feeling relief yet still pretty out of it, I decided to get out bed and take action. First, I went to the recycling center symbolic physical sign of cleansing. Second, I went food shopping and treated myself to an organic grass fed steak and other goodies symbolic physical sign of nurturing.

My candle light dinner was so way cool I even dimmed the lights can not remember the last time I did this, it felt so good. An example for creating joy in your life. Yes, I did forget I had cancer with all the joy going on.

My visionary art greeting cards are hot off the press and I am so impressed with the end result. I created a handmade pouch out of card stock water color paper for the sets you know that something special the little girl in me loves creating things like this. The packets are in cellophane bag for added protection.

Well, my body is saying it is time to leave my office to just be
Smiles and Sunshine
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