Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Keep On Keeping On

Many moons it has been since I sat down and wrote, my intention was to blog while in Scottsdale, before my surgery, and before Christmas well, all that is behind and today is a new day. I want to thank you all for the cards and emails this past month it meant so much to me. My response has been basically nil and void and I apologize for that.

My last chemo Light infusion was on November 23rd as usual it was successful, my sister Christine was my chemo buddy for the day. It felt so good knowing this was my last session and I was ready to board the plane in the afternoon for Scottsdale. This was the last time Isabella and I shared space.

I arrived in Scottsdale at my sisters Susan's with smiles and triumph another phrase behind me. We headed out the following morning for our dream vacation to Rocky Point "Playa Dorada" a private beach in Mexico.
So many gifts beyond my imagination. One day Susan and I were sitting under our little hut on the beach and I said how cool it would be to see the Dolphins today better yet how about within the hour. Well, to my amazement a school of Dolphins showed up just I felt just for us happy as can be doing flips and playing in their play ground how cool cool is that.

The synchronisity between Susan and I was amazing the entire were together either I would be thinking something and Susan would voice and vice versa. Mind you Susan and I come from opposite ends of the spectrum yet here we sharing space in such an intuitive way a gift in itself. Such a gift my sister has given one I will treasure this for a life time.

I spent the following week relaxing in Scottsdale, visiting Art Galleries, watching movies and visiting various restaurants. It was a time for healing on many more levels yikes how levels and layers are there hmmm just kidding it is the path I have chosen. One day I took 3 hour bike touring parts of Scottsdale with no end result in mind. The freedom of being on a bike left me speechless as I even tried the no hands riding and was quite successful at it. I remember as a kid and young teenager my bike was my safe haven for me just jumping on and riding until my legs had nothing more to give. It is my intention to begin regular biking in the Spring once the weather is warm enough and my bike is in top shape.

I arrived home a week before my surgery with many intentions of doing in between Drs. appointments and scans needless to say I was somewhat of a basket case and did not get much accomplished my energy level was not agreeing with my intentions how rude is that. Actually it was divine order once I got out of way.

The following Monday was the big day Surgery double mastectomy, reconstruction and taking out my port. I was excited and scared all at the same time this was the final stage in my journey so I thought. The following morning I met with my Dr. she mention a few flags in the pathology report and I would have to wait until Friday for the complete results, as far as everything else it was a success (I know I'm really feeelin the pain thank you very much. I knew at that time I still had cancer in my body it was a knowingness as well as the voice of Spirit sometimes you only want to hear the good news however it goes with the territory of being and empath and intuitive. Hmmmmm is it too late to change my mind about the path I have chosen.

Friday was Dr. day and sure enough the report came back my margins were not clean and the little critters got into my nodes "F" I said what else could I say after already knowing,yet to hear it in the physical was big. My next appointment was with my oncologist for a routine visit. All was well just a little dehydrated so I was sent to chemotherapy department for hydration and 2 hours later I fixed up exhausted and ready to go back to my friend Tom's house who was taking care of me. What we take for granted our arms I was quite surprised at all I could not do for myelf and needed to stay with someone after the surgery. I am so grateful for my friend Tom who took such good care of for 9 days. I arrived back home on last Wednesday to a clean house with fresh flowers thanks to my sister Paula and brother in law Sonny

Christmas with family was wonderful, Christmas Eve was celebrated at my Mom's home it is a tradition we started many years ago. Something very special happened this year and that was my Dad made his presence known by knocking over a rose vase my mom has had for many years, no it didn't break. I said to everyone that's Dad showing up wishing up a wonderful Christmas and to pay attention more. Susan her son Travis and his girlfriend Sarah stayed with me until Monday it was a special time, memories to keep stucked away in my treasure box. One of the best things I love about the holidays is listening to Christmas music feeling the Spirit and the actual meaning all of it.

So my journey into Wellness continues with my 2nd surgery scheduled for January 11th 2010 to remove the remaining cancer until then I continue to heal from the first surgery and find myself being able to reach and lift more everyday. Hopefully I will be able to drive by the weekend how cool is that. Very Cool I must say myself.

Well, it time to sign off as my body is feelin it
I wish you the best of the best and thanks for all your support, love and energy
Smiles and Sunshine

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