Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Journey into Wellness Continues

Before I begin I ask that you take a moment of silence for all the people in Haiti that all what is needed will be provided food, medical supplies, water and the healing of many souls.


As I sit in front of my computer sharing my chair with KiKi(my cat)and listening to the sound of the Sacred Drums I have the energy to share with all of you.

My second surgery on 1-11-10 was successful 12 more lymph nodes were taken from my left side all negative for cancer however; my margins are still not clean. I was more mobile after this surgery and the following morning woke up feeling great as I began my prayer work followed by an incredible meditation. In this meditation a Sapphire crystal band wrapped around my neck which transformed into a beautiful necklace 'The Healing Necklace" made out of Lapis, Garnet, Citrine and Swaroski glass beads which I brought forth the following Saturday.

I spent the day with my girlfriend sister Juliann, Tom and Mitch. I felt great we laughed like kids however; my energy was depleted by late afternoon and the next couple of days I was out it.

A picture is worth a thousand words as you can see I wasn't was feeelin it!

Arriving home from Tom's on Thursday 1-14-10 feeling a little better I decided the best thing for me was to continue to rest well let's just say I paid attention to my body. I saw my Oncologist the following day and Radiation therapy was discussed, hmmmmm I had done the necessary clearing work on this subject and felt 98% OK about the next phrase of my journey into wellness.

Saturday I had enough energy to celebrate my nephew Trevor's 21st birthday (1-17-10) with his some of his friends and of course Juliann and Mark

Trevor and Brice

Trevor making a wish

After a wonderful dinner at Giuseppe's we headed over to my house since Trevor wanted to wanted to go out to the bar at midnight ah the memories of turning 21 yes we were all feeeelin it!

Trevor is so ready to hit the bar

Well, the midnight hour was fast approaching and I was so ready to call it quits they all proceeded to the bar without me.

The following Tuesday 1-19-10 was my Dr's. appointment with Dr. P as well as taking out my drainage bag I was so ready for that. Well, Dr. P was concerned about how my left little girl was looking the bruise was turning into a burn and the pain was still pretty intense. She suggested I make an appointment with Dr.H. I walked out of her office with Tom in tears my emotions were going 100 miles.

I was able to see Dr. H on Thursday 1-20-10 after looking at my left little girl there was no way I could begin radiation therapy, he suggested another surgery the following day. He gave me 2 options to choose from explaining each in great detail he left the room for a few minutes for me to make a decision. Yikes clarity now Spirit take this now because I am in total shock. How much can my body take apparently a lot. I opted for option 1 removing the implant and inserted and expander after cleaning out the infected area. Well, all Ritee then I am so there with you not I was still healing from my other 2 surgeries. Leaving the office in total shock doing/feeling my best to process all that transpired. I called my Mom and I am having surgery tomorrow her response was "Lisa what time do you want me to pick you up"
This all too surreal I was back home with Tom at my side and girlfriend sister Juliann on her way down the pass I decided to create a fun crazy day and that is exactly what it was. Thanks so much!

Surgery was a success and I spent the next few days at Tom's with another drainage bag. Sunday morning was the first time I took the bandage off and OMG for all the women who have gone before me you are my heroes. The tape pressed to my skin so tight it was extremely painful just taking it off, tears rolled down my cheeks as I sat on the toilet seat in pain I heard my brother Andrew's voice "be strong Lisa be strong". I stood back up and facing the mirror and was able to completely remove the tape only to see my left little girl no longer there. Oh what a moment, I began to shake wobbling I sat down again speaking my version of the Lords Prayer. Yes, this is temporary and it will change however; in that moment it was devastating and I knew if I did not feel all of this at my very core it would resurface at later date.

Gee I am feeling tired how about you? just a bit more to report so hang in there perhaps get another another cup of coffee.

Spirit my support team have such a wonderful way of showing me how much I am loved and supported. A few hours later I began to get a nudge to check my email the nudge became more intense and I said OK I will. One of my emails was from a friend of mine who I had first met while living in CA. Subject line: Angel from your past I thought it was from my girlfriend Valerie here in town. Reading the email and feeling the energy my heart was filled with joy with tears rolling down my face this is my friend Valerie who currently lives in the DC area. We had lost contact for many years and I could not remember her last name for a google search. It was all making sense now I have been thinking about her quite alot these past few months. Thanks Valerie for your persistence I love you.

Yesterday, (1-25-10) I had my first consultation for radiation therapy, it was a good thing I had another pair of ears my Mom. Information overload I flashed on my first consultation for chemotherapy with Dr. D back in May what a journey it has been.
Well, I guess I am the exception for the traditional time frame for radiation therapy being 5 weeks longs 5 days of week. Since I just had my third surgery on Friday time is needed to heal and being that my margins still are not clean a 6 1/2 week program I will begin in February. I stated my intentions just as I did to Dr. D smooth sailing for this therapy.

Tomorrow is my biological son's Birthday, Zach will be 18. He graduates in May with plans to attend Welding School and then joining the Navy following his Grandfathers footsteps. If you remember my post in August my 2nd stay at Memorial Spa clinging for life the majority of my family showed up which was the beginning of great healing for my family. As I saw my sister Mary Therese(Zach's Mom)and Zach walk in I felt well, there are no words to describe the feeling. What it took for the two of them to fly from Wisconsin on a moments notice was huge and even today as I write I get the chills with tears of joy rolling down my cheeks. It had been five years since I had seen Zacheriah and 9 years since seeing Mary Therese. It doesn't matter what it took for the healing to begin what's important is this now moment.

I have had so many powerful experiences this month healing on the cellular level, fine tuning my connection with Spirit as well as so many going far and beyond what I ever imagined. Thank You Pamela, Janet D., Janet S., Bob P., Karen S., owner and founder of "Satiama", Athene, Janiece, Tom, Valerie T., Laureen, The Metaphysical group,Step Up To Success, and of course my family. I love you I love you I love you!

On New Years Day I wrote "The Things and Experiences I Choose to Manifest in 2010" and some I have already experience how cool is that. I intend to participate in "The Walk for Life" the last weekend in June 39 miles total. Yes I Can! Yes I Will.

Well, once again my body is saying enough for now
Smiles and Sunshine
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