Thursday, March 25, 2010

Final Count Down of Radiation Treatment

Well, I thought I would change the format just a bit by adding my Angel Goddess Hair pictures first, yes I am so proud of my dew.

My energy has been increasing allowing me to jam to Tina again, take walks in the park and even lift weights how cool is that. I have a tendency to go all out on the days I have energy because I feel so good yes, it's still all or nothing with me. My cupboard shelf no longer looks like a pharmasutical company this is a really good thing.

My very good friend Laureen Falco has produced an incredible audio of
Everyday Prosperity Affirmations which I have been listening to every morning before my radiation treatments as well as several times a day. I love the prosperity prayer by Lynn Robinson at the end. I have been working with affirmations for more than 20 years and this CD for affirmations is by far one of the best, I highly recommend this CD for all my friends and colleagues.

Yesterday radiation was very challenging, new markings on my chest over my scar tissue for the electron zapping next week. I felt like an experiment as I lay on the table while Dr. created new lines for the target zone. I began to cry shouting to myself I just want to free, no more prodding and poking, no more tests, no more of radiation my body is no longer available for this process. The voice within spoke "don't give your power away Lisa" I just wanted to leave my body and I did, I landed in the green lush valley smelling the various wild flowers, feeling the warmth of the sun drying up my tears. My body continued to lay on the table from a different vantage point I was free surrounded in Divine Love. I got up from the table put my gown and robe on and headed to the dressing room and feeling really out it. I opened the dressing room door and plopped myself down on the bench sobbing for myself, body and spirit.Before getting dressed I stood in front of the mirror transmuting the energy from radiation. I pulled out the Egyptian cream from my coat pocket and began massaging the cream into my skin as I always do after each treatment. The pain began setting in I spoke "Oh god please help me to help myself, give me the strength and courage to forge through I only have another 11 days of radiation" (last day April 8th) I drove home in tears my body needed a rest a big time out. Upon arriving home I sat in silence on my living room chair sobbing feeling it all. I thought calling one of my friends the wiser part me said no, I was grieving a loss, I was grieving the old before cancer,I was grieving this entire journey. My energy stabilized after awhile and I was able to complete a project I began on Monday as well as make copies of paper work for an afternoon appointment, everything else could wait until today. So needless to say I was not answering my phone hmmm thank god for voice mail.

Today my energy is at a higher vibration which is a really cool thing it has felt like a chemo week, fatigue, aches and pains and they say radiation therapy is no big thing I beg to differ.

Satiama will be featuring 6 of the 33 paintings I created the beginning of this month for Earth Day April 22. The finished size for the paintings are 12"x14" on archival watercolor paper with a 2" deckle edge border. Each painting is a limited edition of 100 and is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity price 65.00 what a deal. Thanks Karen for believing in me and appreciating my artwork. Below are the paintings.

Well,its that time as my body is speaking loud and clear enough
Until next time keep on keeping on
Smiles and Sunshine
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Friday, March 5, 2010

Healing Art To Soothe Your Mind-Heart-Body and Spirit


Video is of the 33 paintings I brought through on Tuesday

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A New Day is Given and a New Day is Received


After four surgeries (last one on 2-09-10) and 5 radiation treatments I am healing as I express the creativity on such deep levels. Yesterday I painted 33 small paintings with intentions of using them for thank you notes however; Spirit had a bigger plan an inspirational deck for every day use.

Radiation therapy is challenging as it sucks the life force energy out of you. Last week was my first week and I was feelin it along with a cold and my body being worn out from the excitement of the previous week. Yes, it is all or nothing with me.
So this past weekend I felt well enough for some hard core energy work which I continue daily and with 2 RT treatments behind me this week all is good in this moment.

The benefit on February 20 was incredible the love, the support I was lost for words. My sister Susan flew in from Scottsdale to be a part of the celebration.
In the morning I wrote something for everyone and would like to share it with all of you. It is about gratitude, appreciation, love, joy, compassion and the ability to heal ourselves.

I appreciate you!

I appreciate you for being here today as we celebrate life on all levels
It was and is the love, support and prayers that gave me the strength to show up
Every day even if it meant being a couch Angel.

I remember quite vividly my second stay at the Spa this past August a Doctor walking into my room and saying “Lisa you are really sick” Really I replied. It seemed his sense of humor was left in the hallway. Thank God for my sense of humor my deep connection to Spirit and my willingness to heal when the pain seemed to never end, well it did.

Right from the beginning I knew I was going to be OK because I had the best team physically and non-physically to help me along the way.
Here I am today feeling very blessed, my journey is in the final stage with radiation therapy beginning on Tuesday, all is well. Even though a few more stages were involved its OK because today is what matters.

I love you thanks for showing up in my life.

It is in the beingness we are fully present to our inner Spirit.
It is in the beingness we receive the clarity for our next indicated step.
It is in the beingness we learn to appreciate, love, honor, respect and forgive ourselves.
It is in the beingness you/I learn to let go truly let go and feel the good, bad and ugly, transmuting all that no longer serves our highest good; embracing the darkest and most remote area/aspects within our being deep within our soul.
It is in the beingness we/I are shown and easier softer way. First we must say yes to the journey and the unknown to feel every aspect of the jungle to experience to freedom.

Janiece organizer of Step Up To Success brought a delicious yummy cake.

Pamala our gracious host I thank you with all my heart

Illumination Divine Inspiration was part of the silent auction and was sold such a big WOW thank you Janet S. This painting 40" x 20" in size is a limited edition Giclee of 250 on canvas musuem wrapped.

A Giclee reproduction is a a high-resolution, archival-quality print ideal for fine art limited editions. An elegant and contemporary alternative, the giclee has become the preferred method for fine art reproduction world-wide. Giclee on canvas prints have the textured look of an oil painting, while giclee on archival paper has a softer, matte paper texture which offers the look of a water color painting.

Today the sun is shining in the beautiful Colorado skies I love it, it feels so good.
On that note until the next time keep on keeping on.
Smiles and Sunshine
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