Friday, April 23, 2010

Rebirth journey continued

Rebirth Your Soul
Engage fully in your life
See the obstacles as opportunities
Do not push against the storm, instead be strong and become one with it. More often than not the storms in our lives can be our greatest teachers.
Vulnerabilities surface, memories surface and we stand face to with our Shadow.
It is time to rise above the ashes
One step at a time let go of everything that no longer serves your highest good.
Rise, Rise , Rise be own Light and set yourself free.

I felt this would be appropriate for today. I saw my Dr. yesterday and my intentions for my final surgery were thrown into the ether's until the beginning of August. More healing is needed for my body to be 100% before having surgery. So, I am turning it into something good by choosing to engage fully in life. That means for me to honor this process, no emotional attachment to the outcome and stay in gratitude.

Until next time Keep on Keeping On
Smiles and Sunshine
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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Beginnings

I find it very interesting in how my blogging unfolds, the energy usually begins to stir about a week before I actually sit down in front of my computer to type. Ah living intuitively that is what it is unfolding in its own time, Divine Timing .

My last day of Radiation Therapy was on April 8th I took home my radiation mold(cast)and decided to turn it into something good, a painted sculpture. My skin is looking and feeling much better just in time to see the Dr. on Thursday.

My friend Tom treated me to lunch at The Travern in the Broadmoor. I asked to be seated in the atrium I wanted to feel the leaves and breathe in the oxygen from the all the trees and plants. It was absolutely Divine I felt like I was in Kauai again and yes the wine was spectacular.

Last Sunday I spent 3 hours in front yard rearranging rocks and crystals, digging up weeds and making it look more unified. It felt so good to have my fingers and hands in the earth I lost all track of time. I was the little girl again communing with the fairies, listening as each crystal and rock spoke to me it was so way cool.

While driving home from Denver yesterday morning I received a download for another Spirit Art Necklace, it is a 2 strand necklace made of peridot,onyx, sterling silver and copper. It feels wonderful and I am so excited to bring it through. In the afternoon after a long nap I weeded my Iris garden in my backyard, the fragrance of the leaves smelled delicious it was amazing I never experienced that before. Hmmmmm paying attention to details and being one with nature. Speaking of nature and Mother Earth, one the trees in my backyard who represents the Divine Feminine did not bloom last and part of her branches died when I was diagnosed with cancer. Well,this year she began blooming about 10 days ago. I took that a strong physical sign of my healing and well being. What a gift it is to see her beautiful tiny delicate white flowers I cried for joy the first day I saw her bloom.

In honor of Mother Earth April 22 Earth Day I created a video and uploaded to youtube click here to watch

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This morning I jammed to Tina my workout Hero and it felt so good climbing mountains, walking through the forest and of course speed walking in the sand all of which took place in the comforts of my home. Visualize OK and hear Tina Turner's voice she rocks.

My Dr. wanted to put me on Tamoxifen for 5 years, it is an estrogen blocker and given to most all breast cancer patients in hopes of preventing cancer showing up again. Well, after long meditations, prayers and listening to Spirit this drug is not for my highest good. Once my decision was made I felt so much lighter which for me is a really good thing. One more step in my journey into wellness sometime (my intention) in May my fifth and final surgery.

Signing off with the Prosperity Prayer video. This is a version of The Prosperity Prayer by Lynn Robinson. This audio is a part of the audio Everyday Prosperity Affirmations by Laureen Falco and Claus D Jensen.

Smiles and Sunshine
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