Saturday, May 22, 2010

Things I Am Grateful For In My Life Today

Today I decided to mow my backyard which is the first time in a year. While mowing my lawn I began to feel the gratitude expand in my body and silently my gratitude list for the day unfolded. It is the simple things in life today that bring me so much joy, you know the out of the blue ideas, feeling the unconditional love from the Angels in the most challenging times, having friends who are present when we communicate with one another.

1. I am grateful for my health and energy today for having the ability to mow my backyard
2. I am grateful for my beautiful home and the Angels who are always with me and play with Sambo and KiKi at times.
3. I am grateful for my 2 feline companions Sambo and KiKi
4. I am grateful for my healthy loving relationships and most importantly the one I have with myself today
5. I am grateful for my Spiritual Team
6. I am grateful for my willingness to move forward even when the little me has had enough
7. I am grateful for my family today
8. I am grateful I have food in my cupboards and refrigerator
9. I am grateful for being me
10. I am grateful for my sensitivities and intuition
11. I am grateful my healing and allowing the journey to unfold and for the most part staying out of the way
12. I am grateful for my ability to say no this doesn't feel good for me staying true to myself. Healthy Boundaries
13. I am grateful for the CT/PETS scan scheduled for Tuesday showing I am healed and cancer free.
14. I am grateful to be released on Tuesday from radiation
15. I am grateful for my hair, eye brows and eyelashes
16. I am grateful I have the energy to workout today I missed jamming to Tina Turner
17. I am grateful I am alive today to see Zach graduate from High School on June 6, 2010
19. I am grateful for the healing between my sister Mary and me.

Next Sunday I am driving to Wisconsin with my Mom for Zach's graduation, wow what a difference a year makes. Zach will be driving back with us and living with me. Hmmmmm new beginnings for all of us.

Well, I am going to do some more yard work before the sun goes down
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  1. And I am grateful for you... amazing, brave & wonderful you. Thanks for sharing the journey Lisa and your beautiful thoughts. Yes, what a difference a year makes. Love & Light.


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