Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Autumn Update 4 Months Cancer Free

A few full moons have lit up the night sky since my last update with summer ending and Autumn beginning last week, I got a nudge to sit down this morning and update my blog.

My fifth and final surgery on August 11, 2010 was a success much more intense than I had anticipated. A few couch Angel days for me as I could not return to work for a month. It didn't take much time for me to get into the swing again as a artist temporarily bar tending after 4 weeks of being off. My body was not quite up to the task and more down time was needed to recover for the next week. It's all good as I continue to pay attention to my body and what it can and can not handle at the present time.

October 2nd I will have 4 months of being cancer free, how cool is that, very cool in my world.

It was the summer of love here in Colorado, I was not looking for it nor did I have any intention of beginning a relationship however; it happened and it feels absolutely wonderful. "Eat, Pray, Love" if you have not seen the movie I highly recommend you go see it.

Working on a new project for daily inspirational living, the 33 paintings I brought through in March are part of this new project, it has its own flow which means I am not trying to force it to happen.

"Illumination" 20"x40" is a limited edition of 250 canvas wrapped ready to hang.
I sold another edition last month to a wonderful couple in Denver, it will be there Christmas present. I was taken back as I listened to my voice mail on the day Sky left a message, saying Illumination reminder her (had the energy of the twins) she and her husband Alan had lost recently. I was speechless as I gave thanks to Spirit for my gift and services to share with all of you. I felt honored as I said "of course I will take payments and would be more than happy to deliver Illumination upon final payment."

If you feel drawn to Illumination you can purchase it at under Lisa Ann Bonfiglio gallery

Well it is time for me to sign off until next time
Keep On Keeping On
Smiles and Sunshine

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