Monday, February 28, 2011

2011 Cancer Free

Wednesday I will be celebrating 9 months of being Cancer free, How cool is that, Very Cool!

I had another surgery on January 17th in my opinion it is my 6th and final surgery.

I celebrated my birthday on february 24th, ah yes the big 50 hmmmmm I still feel as if I am 5.

Sometimes I still wonder what cancer was all about for me, in one moment I have 100% clarity and the next go figure as I reflect on these last nine months. Perhaps it is the moment where I found myself reflecting back on my journey up until today.

My car decided to stop running this afternoon its a good thing I was tuning off the freeway and headed down hill. (Thank you Angels) My car needs a new timing belt hmmmm everything in its own time, the circumstances could have been a lot worse and I am grateful the sun was shining and I had the means to have the car towed to my incredible mechanic (Kevin at Academy Auto in COS).

Until next time
Keep on Keeping On
Smiles and Sushine

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