Thursday, January 19, 2012

Beating Cancer with Exercise by David Haas

A cancer diagnosis can feel like a death sentence to many people. Hearing the words "cancer,” “chemotherapy” or "mesothelioma treatment" can drain a lot of energy and hope out of your body in a way that can make you unprepared for the fight against cancer. You cannot let yourself get defeated by your disease. Instead, you must do everything in your power to fight it. Exercise is one way you can help fight against this horrible disease.

Getting into a good exercise regiment can help you focus your mind on something besides your disease. It can help you feel more powerful and more fully in control of your life. Feeling like these are important in your fight against cancer. You can't let yourself feel like you've lost control over who you are and what you want to achieve in life. Exercise can help in major ways.

For example, exercise can help boost your energy and make you feel more fit to fight against disease. According to Dr. Patrick O'Conner from the University of Georgia, exercise can help fight fatigue. He states being "inactive and fatigued" can be boosted by exercise. Exercise helps get your blood flowing and your metabolism pumping. This helps your body run more smoothly and efficiently than it had been while you were inactive.

A more efficiently running body is better capable of using energy efficiently. It is also more capable of fighting of serious diseases and keeping you free from diseases invading your body while you're fighting cancer. Your body is going to need all the help it can get against cancer and exercise can help avoid getting sidelined by other conditions.

Another way exercise helps cancer patients is through helping to boost your mood. Research done by the Division of Cancer Control and Population Services found that people who were physically active had a better sense of self, feelings of happiness, more focus and a better attitude towards their disease. Physical activity activates hormones that help make you happy, which is one reason people feel happier while exercising.

The same study also found that exercise also helps increase the survivability rate of cancer patients. Overweight and inactive patients had lower survival rates and higher rates of remission when compared to patients that were physically active. Avoiding remission is one of the most important aspects of surviving against cancer.

Exercise has many obvious benefits in your fight against cancer. These exercise benefits outweigh the slight risk that comes with exercise fatigue and injury from exercise. Exercise is not a cure and should be treated as such. Make sure to talk to your doctor before making any sudden and serious changes in your physical exercise routine.

Daivid is a cancer patient advocate for the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance, who writes for the betterment of others going through all different types of cancer.

David Haas, Awareness Program Advocate

Joining the organization in 2011, David Haas is a cancer support group and awareness program advocate at the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance. In addition to researching the many valuable programs available to our site’s visitors, David often blogs about programs and campaigns underway at the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance, as well as creative fitness ideas for those dealing with cancer, while creating relationships with similar organizations.

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